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December 6, 2018

44. Mirror in Darkness

You open your eyes to total darkness. Wait for your eyes to adjust. But do they? A little flicker catches your eye. You move slightly to find it again. Wait. The flicker is you—in a mirror—in the distance. Looking at your hands there is a ring with a faint green glow. Just enough of something to show itself. Where did this come from? You don’t wear this ring. Gauging the distance of the reflection and where you stand you walk toward the light of yourself. Small steps. You don’t know what is between you and the mirror. A subtle shuffle noise breaks the silence and slide of your own careful steps. But as soon as you pause to listen again for the noise your ears ring and pound with blood. What can be heard with this cacophony within your own ears? Was the noise your own or something else? A few steps closer to the mirror seem like an eternity but here you stand. The coolness of the mirror is palpable. The ring reflects closely to itself within the mirror. And here, in the deafening silence and isolation of mystery, the ring in the mirror moves. But you are still, heart beating wildly now. The ring—or the invisible hand and full form attached to it—turns to move away. You take a halted step forward to stop the ring, to stop your own reflection from moving away from you. Another look down at your hand… the ring shines but none of your arm down to your fingers is visible in the total dark. A shuffle, a footstep, you look up quickly to catch the ring the in the reflection now running farther away into the unknown distance. A pull forces another look at your hand and the ring is gone. You open your eyes to total darkness.