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May 1, 2018

19. Ora Pro Nobis, pt. II

The universe is inescapable.

* * *

In the cold of solitude he exhaled. He created this world and was lonely. The cold air turned his breath something visible and alive. As his exhale left him, precipitation begin to release itself on the land. It looked like rain and fell from the sky—from his breath—and landed in the earth. These were the seeds of the Creator. The rain fell in long sheets and strings from the sky, connecting like vines the earth and the heavens.

Here the Creator, through his being, placed himself into this new land, transforming it. Becoming it. Forever changing it.

It was not until many years later, after the seedlings had turn into shrubs in the shrubs had grown into trees and the trees had reached up into the sky that the true affect of the rain and the seeds that it fallen took affect. From the limbs fruit was visible. This was the reproduction of a reproduction. A facsimile.

Animals, borne from the earth, sprouted up and out of the land and roamed and established their ecology. Their shapes and sizes were all different and unique; scales, feathers, fur, teeth, antlers, stripes, spots, running on four legs, walking on two.

The presence of the forest of trees was assertive on the land. They reigned. Animals from all distances came to the trees to eat their fruit. And no matter how much was eaten, they always grew back, stronger, multiplied.

One can induce fear of anything simply by thinking enough.

The Creator revisited his forest. Before, he exhaled the very clouds and strode over the very mountains. Now he walked among the trees and ducked beneath the limbs. Who knows how long they had grown, spreading roots deep within the fertile soil.

The animals and creatures all cleared their way to leave ample room for the Creator and his path. His way was revered.

In a clearing, a low fog gathered around. The ground melted into mist. The space was silent.

The Creator closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. From his core and through his throat he exhaled slowly. As he did his body began to waft into the low mist. He became the fog and disappeared, now fully one with his creation.

Before he had completely gone his exhale had taken shape. A replacement was made. There, lying on its side, was the form of a man. He was only just born and he stood, as if alive in his prime.

He looked around at the beauty and was at home. His innocence and purity matched the landscape and environment. There was unity.

Keep my word.

He heard the deep and paternal voice in his head but also all around. His life had just begun but already there was a mystery. None of the flora or fauna reacted to the voice. Did they hear?

He walked through the clearing and into a thicket, under branches, and over full pockets of greenery and sprouts. Shortly he walked to a shoreline. Waves brushed up quietly on the pebble-sand beach.

In the evening the stars shined brightly. They covered the sky. A constellation of a rabbit jumped timidly from sets of stars to sets of stars. Eventually it jumped from the sky and deftly landed on the beach not far from the man.

Keep my word.

Again, the voice tore through the center of his brain, between his ears, and into his heart. The rabbit skipped away into the brush. Was it frightened by the voice?

He looked all around once more. “Your presence is unsettling as your absence is apparent,” he spoke into the air. Agitated, he moved on.

There. Ahead of him, was the initial creation, the trees. From a distance, he singled one out. It’s base was wide and dominant. The man approached, dwarfed in proportion to the tree. Even the lowest limbs were well above his tallest reach. But the bark was unique and gave purchase to footing and grasp. And so he climbed.

He rested on a limb, high above, overlooking as far as his eyes could reach across the horizon.

You will see what I see.

The voice, a third time, loudest of all now. “Show yourself! What does that mean—and where are you?”

And in that moment the man was pulled from the limb and dangled midair and in a flash his body flung up and joined the stars. He had become a constellation. From the stars above, confined, he could see the world pass onward. 

Keep my word.

Prequel to the sequel.